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Business law strategist David Lizerbram hosts Products of the Mind, a podcast about the intersection of business and creativity. This show includes tips and lessons about business law strategy, how to protect your brands and business assets, and conversations with thought leaders in startups, entrepreneurship, media, marketing, the creative arts, and beyond. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or small business owner, a creative professional, or an innovator in any field, the Products of the Mind podcast is here to provide you with tools, guidance, and inspiration.

Products of the Mind is Produced by Mana Monzavi.




Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Randy Smith

Journalist Randy Smith’s coverage of a Kansas City hotel disaster not only won him a Pulitzer Prize, it exposed corruption and likely saved many lives. Randy takes us through his journalism career, from covering George Wallace and a then-Governor Jimmy Carter, to the harrowing hotel story, right up to his vision for the future of journalism.

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Artist, Educator, and Creator Amy Burvall

On today’s episode I chat with Amy Burvall, an artist, educator, and creative mastermind. We travel to the depths of creativity, leaving no creative stone unturned. Amy shares with us how she is transforming the classroom with her creative innovations geared toward actually educating and developing students. We also discuss technology, new ways to be creative (including seeing everyday things in unique ways), remix culture, Oblique Strategies, “wonderlust,” curriculum development, and how to make things “sticky.”

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15 Million Trivia Books In Print: Gordon “Uncle John” Javna of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader

15 million copies of the “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader” series of trivia books are out there in the world. But who is “Uncle John,” and how did this all get started? How did they develop the style and concept, and where do they get their ideas? In this episode, serial entrepreneur and all-around creative type Gordon “Uncle John” Javna tells us his story, including details about his previous careers in music, real estate, and the craft beer business. Plus trivia, unique names, introverts vs. extroverts, and much more.

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ESPN Baseball Writer and Transgender Activist Christina Kahrl

ESPN baseball writer Christina Kahrl went from growing up on a horse farm to co-founding a pioneering baseball website to become a prominent transgender activist. She tells the story of how she became fascinated with baseball statistic and how she got into the sportswriting business while discovering her own gender identity. How did the macho world of sports come to accept her as one of their own? And, most importantly, how will the San Diego Padres do this year? Christina opens up and tells us about all the good and bad times in this revealing interview.

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Author and Tinder Expert Alicia Eler

What is “The Tinderization of Feeling?” Author, artist, and comedian Alicia Eler writes about Tinder and other aspects of online culture from a unique and compelling perspective. On this episode, she tells us her story, talks about living in L.A., and explores how much of her personal life she should share in her writing about online dating, culture, and sexuality.

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Scott Lewis, Journalist and Editor in Chief of Voice of San Diego

What’s the future of journalism in a digital age? Scott Lewis spends a lot of time thinking about that question and working to advance the craft of journalism. Scott tells us about his unusual (for Utah) background, his political awakening, and how he came to be a leader at the forefront of digital journalism in his 20s.

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Congress Watcher Jennifer Briney, Creator and Host of Congressional Dish

How did Jennifer Briney go from not being interested in politics to spending all her time watching C-SPAN, reading legislation, and exposing the innner workings of Washington on her podcast Congressional Dish? Jennifer tells us how she was able to take her anger about what’s wrong with Washington and turn it into an informative, educational listener-supported podcast.

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Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary on Music, Activism, and Puff the Magic Dragon

Music legend and multiple Grammy winner Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary is our guest for this episode. Peter talks about how the band was formed, his relationships with fellow legends like Bob Dylan and Martin Luther King, Jr., what “Puff the Magic Dragon” is really about, and how he still believes in the inspirational power of music. Plus his thoughts on Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, Occupy, and Black Lives Matter.

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Bryan Landers Talks Idea Validation, Startups, Banjo, Bluegrass, and More

How did Bryan Landers go from being a professional banjo player to working on the most difficult problems faced by startups? Hear the whole story, including Bryan’s thoughts on Steve Martin, what it’s really like to tour with a bluegrass band, and how you can validate your idea before bringing it to market.

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Comic Book Retail Entrepreneur Mike Wellman – How Small Opportunities Can Open Up Big Doors

Can you succeed by selling physical books in a digital world? Mike Wellman shows how he did it, going from a kid in North Carolina with a dream to co-owning 3 thriving comic book, game, & collectible retail locations in LA. Mike did it all by finding ways to help out folks that he met along the way. Check out this episode to learn all about how he did it, plus some True Hollywood Stories, Tinder, Bernie Sanders, and more!

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Fine Artist N.C. Winters on Mastering Instagram, Pop Culture, Technology, and Ninja Turtles

150,000+ Instagram fans can’t be wrong! In this episode, we hear from fine artist N.C. Winters. N.C. explored the New York art world and decided to go his own way, using elements from pop culture and the history of art to communicate his unique and complex views about contemporary society.

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New York Times Bestselling Author Seth Siegel on the Water Crisis

In this episode, I interview Seth Siegel, New York Times bestelling author of Let There Be Water: Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World about researching and writing a book, getting endorsements from Michael Bloomberg, Arianna Huffington, and Tony Blair, and being a Tony-nominated Broadway musical producer.

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Tom Schwab, Digital Marketing Engineer, plus John Lee Dumas of EOFire Talks About The Freedom Journal

In this episode, I interview Tom Schwab, who went from running a nuclear submarine to his harder job (according to him) doing digital marketing. Plus we have a special return appearance from podcast superstar John Lee Dumas of EOFire, who tells us all about his latest project: The Freedom Journal.

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