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Alissa Haight Carlton, Ruling the $3.9 Billion Quilt World and Casting Project Runway To Boot

Products of the Mind Episode 9: Alissa Haight Carlton, Ruling the $3.9 Billion Quilt World and Casting Project Runway To Boot

Welcome to Episode 9 of Products of the Mind. On this episode, I speak with Alissa Haight Carlton of the Modern Quilt Guild.

Alissa Haight Carlton

Did you know quilting is the largest hobby industry at $3.9 billion a year? I didn’t either. Alissa Haight Carlton informs tells us about the massive industry, its history, and the difference between modern and traditional quilting.

Get Alissa’s take on living the L.A. life, and how she went from working in reality T.V. to being wrapped up in her passion: Quilting. Hear about how she utilized blogs to transform the quilt industry, elevate the status of modern quilting, and establish the Modern Quilt Guild. And just in case you were dying to know how shows like Project Runway get casted, Alissa fills us in on that process as well.

Here are a few examples of Alissa’s work:


Learn more about Alissa, her work, and Modern Quilting here: http://www.alissahaightcarlton.com/

Alissa on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alissahaightcarlton/

More on Modern Quilting and patterns in Alissa’s book Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts here: http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Minimal-Bold-Graphic-Quilts/dp/1607054868

Looking for a Quilt Guild? Check it out: http://www.themodernquiltguild.com/

Interested in QuiltCon? More info here: http://www.themodernquiltguild.com/events/quiltcon-2015

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As always, the music for this episode was provided by Le Chateau. The track name is “Bury You.” Go buy it on Soundcloud!

The illustration for this episode is by Whit Harris.

This episode and these show notes © 2015 David Lizerbram

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