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Bryan Landers Talks Idea Validation, Startups, Banjo, Bluegrass, and More

Welcome to Episode 20 of Products of the Mind. On this episode, I speak with multitalented artist Bryan Landers.

“I think that’s the underlying design and art challenge that I love; it’s sort of just finding your way to the impossible through some very logical process.”

Not many musicians leave L.A. for another place in order to get gigs, but when they do, that musician plays the banjo…and that other place is Nashville!

Today’s talk is with Bryan Landers: an athlete who gave up skiing in order to protect his hands for banjo playing. Bryan talks about his inspirations Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Page, and Bela Fleck; picking out an instrument for the first time; and how you get to ski every day at boarding school in New Hampshire.

As an artist who utilizes multiple media, learn about how his not-well-received art portfolio pushed him a little closer to music; and how he ultimately leveraged one talent to support another. Well also talk a bit about the importance of getting in on things from the ground up (or not getting in on new ventures like Pinterest).

Also on this episode: learning to code in the internet age; making money as a freelance web developer; learning the hard way which career path you don’t want; how “idea validation” can save you time, money, and heartache; and of course: the musical talents of Steve Martin.

All this and much more today with Bryan Landers.

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The illustration accompanying these show notes is by Whit Harris.

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