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Episode 2: What Is A Trademark?

Welcome to Episode 2 of Products of the Mind. In this episode, I answer a question that I’m often asked – and that sometimes people are too afraid or embarrassed to ask: What Is a Trademark?

Don’t worry, the concept is pretty simple. A trademark is anything that identifies the source of goods or services. Common types of trademarks are brand names, business names, logos, and slogans or tag lines.

Types of IP PNG

Trademarks are a type of Intellectual Property (which is often shortened to “IP.”) That’s a term for a class of intangible things that an individual or a business can own.

I always encourage people to think of trademarks (and IP in general) not as problems to be solved, or business expenses, but as a set of tools granted by the law that can help you own and protect what you create: the products of your mind, if you will. Understanding the basics about trademarks and IP will be invaluable for the growth of your business or the success of your creative projects.

Plus, it’s just a fascinating topic – for me, at least.

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This Episode Includes

  • A brief definition of trademarks.
  • Definitions of the other forms of intellectual property (copyright, patent, and trade secrets).
  • Types of trademarks.
  • What’s trade dress?
  • How are trademark rights acquired?
  • Trademark registration, and what do those symbols ™ and ® mean, anyway?
  • How long do trademark rights last?

In future episodes, I’ll discuss copyright, trade secrets, and other IP related topics.

If there was anything in this episode that wasn’t perfectly clear, or something you’d like me to expand on, please let me know.

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