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Episode 1: 16 Top Podcasters Answer “When Do You Feel Most Creative?”

Welcome to Episode 1 of Products of the Mind. This episode features something that’s never been done before (to my knowledge.)

Not only is this the first episode of this podcast, it’s the first podcast I’ve ever created. I knew that I wanted to talk about creativity and business, and I listened to tons of podcasts to get inspiration on how to make this the best show that I could do.

And I wanted to start out with a bang. So let’s consider this not just the first episode, but also a Very Special Episode. I decided to do something that, to my knowledge, has never been done before. I approached 16 of the top podcasters, people I really admire who’ve been successful in this medium, and asked them all the same question.

I’m calling this my 1 Question Interview.

The question is, “When do you feel most creative?“

Podcaster CollageIn this episode you’re going to hear about creativity from podcasters including Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Kate Erickson, Jaime Tardy, Michael O’Neal, Omar Zenhom, and many more.

It’s like The Avengers of podcasting – all your favorite heroes in one exciting adventure.

The range of answers to my 1 Question Interview surprised me. Some people talked about times of the day. Some made reference to a certain type of activity. A few talked about specific places where they felt creative. But those places ranged from “sitting on my furry rug” to “traveling through North Korea.”

I definitely didn’t expect that one.

But first, a bit about me.

I’m David Lizerbram. I’m a business law strategist. Oh, and now I can add “podcaster” to the list of things I do. I podcast from sunny San Diego, California, where for the last ten or so years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs solve problems and achieve their goals.

I have a background in the creative arts – I went to USC film school (then known as the School of Cinema-Television; now the School of Cinematic Arts) and spent years playing in rock bands. But I’ve also always been fascinated by business and entrepreneurship.

Over the years, I’ve found that entrepreneurs and people who consider themselves creative professionals have a lot in common. I started this podcast to have a conversation about those traits and what leads people to become innovative problem solvers and communicators.

So in future episodes, I’m going to do interviews with interesting people to try to dig into that. I’m also going to do some episodes where I share some legal tips and case studies to help give a bit of guidance to my listeners.

On to the 1 Question Interviews.

Remember: the question is “When do you feel most creative?”

The first few answers had to do with the time of day when people feel creative.

Check out the show for answers from:

Pat FlynnPat Flynn of Smart Passive Income



John Lee DumasJohn Lee Dumas of EOFire



Mike VardyMike Vardy of Productivityist



Anthony TranAnthony Tran of Marketing Access Pass




Lou MongelloLou Mongello of WDW Radio



The next few answers had to do with places that spark creativity.

Michael O'NealMichael O’Neal of The Solopreneur Hour



Jaime TardyJaime Tardy of Eventual Millionaire



Omar ZenhomOmar Zenhom of $100 MBA



Steven ShalowitzSteven Shalowitz of The One-Way Ticket Show



The final group is a bit of a catchall – let’s call it circumstances where one feels creative.

Elise CripeElise Cripe of Elise Gets Crafty



Cliff RavenscraftCliff Ravenscraft of Podcast Answer Man



Joel BoggessJoel Boggess of The ReLaunch Show



Jordan HarbingerJordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm



Meron BareketMeron Bereket of Inspiring Innovation



Joon HanJoon Han of Your Biz Rocks




Kate EricksonKate Erickson of Kate’s Take and EOFire



For those playing along, the shortest answer was from Meron Bereket of Inspiring Innovation and the longest was from Steven Shalowitz of The One Way Ticket Show.

I hope this got you thinking about when you feel most creative. Feel free to leave a comment on the podcast page at Productsofthemind.net or through Twitter @davidlizerbram and let me know when you feel most creative.

And I guess it’s only fair that I answer the question too. So here we go:

David LizerbramI’m David Lizerbram from Products of the Mind and I feel most creative when I’m in a conversation with someone who is sharing their insights and life experience. I don’t think most people have the ability to just sit on a remote mountaintop and come up with great ideas. Creativity comes from interacting with other people, collaborating, arguing, trying things out.

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The Credits

As always, the music for this episode was provided by Le Chateau. The track name is “Bury You.” Go buy it on Soundcloud!

The illustrations accompanying these show notes were by Whit Harris and Lexington Wolfcraft.

This episode and these show notes © 2015 David Lizerbram

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