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What Is a Trade Secret?

Welcome to Episode 44 of Products of the Mind. In this episode, I provide a brief intro to Trade Secret law.

This Episode Includes

  • A definition of Trade Secrets.
  • Description of “Negative” Trade Secrets.
  • How long do Trade Secrets last?
  • Legal protection for Trade Secrets.
  • How do you file a Trade Secret? (Spoiler: you don’t.)
  • How to protect Trade Secrets.
  • What happens when a Trade Secret is breached?
  • Trade secret licensing.

If there was anything in this episode that wasn’t perfectly clear, or something you’d like me to expand on, please let me know.

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The Credits

Products of the Mind is produced by Mana Monzavi.

As always, the music for this episode was provided by Le Chateau. The track name is “Bury You.” Go buy it on Soundcloud!

This episode and these show notes © 2016 David Lizerbram

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