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Leafar Sayer of Prayers: From Gang Member to Cholo Goth Rock Star

Welcome to Episode 38 of Products of the Mind. On this episode, I speak with artist and singer/front man for the Cholo Goth band Prayers, Leafar Sayer.

“I’m the type of person that lives multiple realities simultaneously…I’ve been able to adapt in a way that’s not false, it’s authentic and it’s real. “

Stories of the lives of artists are always interesting, and today’s story is no exception. I sat down with Leafar Sayer: author, singer, restaurant owner, and gang-member.

Leafar describes his childhood in Sherman Heights San Diego, and how he joined a street gang in order to save his dad’s life. He also gives us privileged insight to gang culture, and how the culture and structure shapes its members. Leafar also recalls his life of trauma and how it helped solidify his love for (and shape his path towards) the arts.

Leafar discusses the role of art and music in his journey. We also hear about his influences and how he helped create the genre known as Cholo Goth. We’ll hear about the success of Prayers; Leafar’s love and admiration for his bandmate Dave Parley; and about how Leafar manages to successfully lead so many different artistic and entrepreneurial lives.

This and much more on today’s episode with Leafar Sayer.

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Products of the Mind is produced by Mana Monzavi.

The illustration accompanying these show notes is by Whit Harris.

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