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Episode 4: From Art School to NASA (and Beyond!) with Melissa Walter

Welcome to Episode 4 of Products of the Mind. On this episode, I speak with fine artist Melissa Walter.

From Art School to NASA

It was fascinating learning about Melissa’s journey as an artsy kid to illustrating rave posters in art school to a 15 year career working for NASA. I hope you enjoy listening to the interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Here’s an image to illustrate the amazing work Melissa’s been doing with NASA’s Chandra Observatory:

Space Photos

Want to learn more about NASA’s Chandra Observatory? Go to http://chandra.si.edu/.

And here are a few of Melissa’s fine art pieces:

Geometry of a Fallen Tree

“Geometry of a Fallen Tree” Melissa Walter, Ink on Wood, 2015

Love in a Bunk Bed

“Love in a Bunk Bed” Melissa Walter, Ink on Paper, 2014

And if you’d like to see more of Melissa Walter’s art and learn more about her, go to https://instagram.com/_melissa.walter_/.

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The Credits

As always, the music for this episode was provided by Le Chateau. The track name is “Bury You.” Go buy it on Soundcloud!

The illustration accompanying these show notes is by Whit Harris. The NASA image credit is NASA/CXC/M.Weiss.

This episode and these show notes © 2015 David Lizerbram

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