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D&D OGL Update?

A few years ago I wrote a blog post titled “D&D & IP” in which I discussed the Open Gaming License that allows (allowed?) anyone to use elements of Dungeons & Dragons, for free, to create their own products. To recap: WotC wants to encourage D&D enthusiasts to create and sell products that fit within the game – within certain limits. Those limits are defined by WotC’s Open Gaming License (“OGL”). This link directs you to the most recent version of the OGL. If you want to create and sell content within the D&D universe, you must obey those rules….

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Why Should I Form an LLC or Corporation?

Why Should I Form an LLC or Corporation? People often ask why they should consider creating an LLC or corporation for their business. Of course, every business is different, but here are some general factors that U.S.-based entrepreneurs should consider. The primary reason why businesses organize themselves as LLCs or corporations is to minimize liability. If you are operating a business, and it’s not a corporation or an LLC, then you are either a sole proprietor (if it’s a one-person business) or a partnership (if more than one person is an owner). These are the default modes. Sole proprietor or…

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Do You Need to Register Your Business in Multiple States?

Many businesses will form a corporation or LLC in the state where the company is headquartered and then assume they’ve done all they need to do. They may be overlooking an obligation to register their business in one or more additional states. Do you need to register your business in multiple states? The first matter to consider is where your business was initially formed or registered. Your company is a “domestic” corporation or LLC in that state. So if you live and work in California, and you have a California LLC, you may not need to register in any other…

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Trademark Renewals

Congratulations – you’ve successfully obtained a trademark registration from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Now you might be asking, how long will this trademark registration last? And what do I need to do to keep it alive? The first bit of good news is that trademark registrations can last forever. For example, COCA-COLA has been a registered trademark for “BEVERAGES AND SYRUPS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF SUCH BEVERAGES” since January 31, 1928, and they’re still going strong. However, you will need to renew your trademark registration periodically. Here are the deadlines and filings that you need to…

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