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Copyright: What is Fair Use?

This is the fourth in an ongoing series of presentations that I’m preparing on the fundamentals of intellectual property, entertainment, business, and social media law. This presentation will provide an overview of copyright Fair Use in the United States. The previous three presentations in this series were “What Is a Trademark?”, “How Do I Choose a Strong Trademark?”, and “What Is a Copyright?”

“What Is Fair Use?” covers the following – and more:

  • A brief review of copyright.
  • Copyright law vs. the First Amendment.
  • How do you “claim” Fair Use?
  • The Four Factors of Fair Use.
  • Important Fair Use Cases.
  • The future of Fair Use.

Here’s the presentation:

I’m making these presentations available for anyone to see on SlideShare – the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. Click here to see the presentation in PowerPoint format on SlideShare. If you like the presentation, feel free to share it.

I’m planning the next set of presentations now, so if you have any comments, requests, or suggestions, fire away.

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