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What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Work-For-Hire Agreements

When people ask me “What’s the Number 1 mistake you see entrepreneurs make when it comes to intellectual property?”, this is the topic that comes to mind.

Every entrepreneur and creative professional, whether you’re just starting out or are in charge of a growing company, needs to know some basic information about Work-For-Hire Agreements.

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Trademark Case Study: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is a big deal in the world of online business and marketing. He often speaks about his unexpected start as an entrepreneur, a story that includes some interesting lessons about trademarks. Whether or not you’re familiar with Pat and his work, I hope his story will be useful.

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7 Keys to Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Business

Sooner or later, every business is going to need legal representation. A lawyer can either be an expensive line item or a huge asset for your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to make that choice. If you haven’t hired a business attorney before, the process can be intimidating. I’ve seen the process many times, having been hired by hundreds of clients to represent them over the course of my career. When the client (that’s you) is informed and knows what they’re looking for, there’s a much greater likelihood of having a positive result for both sides –…

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Another Online Arbitration Agreement Invalidated in Court

Online Terms of Use: You don’t like them, I don’t like them, nobody likes them. I have yet to have someone tell me, “I found the greatest website, their terms of use are the coolest!” However, these terms are somewhat important, as they govern our activities online, which is where we spend 47.1% of our day. The process of settling disputes in this area is often governed by an online arbitration agreement. So maybe it’s worth taking another look (following my September 2014 blog post, When Are Online Arbitration Agreements Enforceable?) at arbitration language in light of a recent case.

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