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JOBS Act: Basic Requirements

JOBS Act: Basic Requirements Last week, I wrote about the JOBS Act, discussing some of the pros and cons of crowdfunding for startup companies. In this post, I’ll go into a bit more detail about the requirements companies have to meet in order to access the world of Internet crowdfunding.

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JOBS Act Legalizes Crowdfunding for Startups

JOBS Act Legalizes Crowdfunding for Startups The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (aka JOBS Act) was signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012 with overwhelming bipartisan support. The Act is intended to encourage funding for small businesses by making it easier for certain small businesses to comply with securities regulations (or bypass certain regulations entirely.) Title III of the Act, known as Crowdfunding, amends Section 4 of the Securities Act to create a new exemption for offerings of “crowdfunded” securities. It will exempt issuers from the requirements of Section 5 of the Act when they offer and…

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Battleship v. American Battleship

Battleship v. American Battleship Universal has had several problems with its recent wannabe blockbuster Battleship. The main problem is that it was a box-office bomb. Despite the fact that movie fans have been able to see this coming from miles away, Universal also decided to pick a fight with an obscure movie studio, Global Asylum, over an allegedly similar movie. To be fair, Global Asylum has been asking for this fight for a long time. Read on for the story of Battleship v. American Battleship.

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Hershey Bars and Functional Trademarks

When looking at this photo, does any famous product come to mind? If you guessed Hershey’s chocolate bar, then you envisioned exactly what Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation is hoping to protect via trademark law. In 2009, Hershey filed a trademark application seeking to register the following trademark, which is described by Hershey as “a configuration of a candy bar that consists of twelve equally-sized recessed rectangular panels arranged in a four panel by three panel format with each panel having its own raised border within a large rectangle.” However, the Trademark Office Examining Attorney who reviewed Hershey’s application denied registration…

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