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WB Hobbit Lawsuit – Warner Brothers Sued over Lord of the Rings Games

 WB Hobbit Lawsuit The estate of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkein has sued Warner Brothers, producers of the upcoming trilogy of Hobbit movies, for copyright and trademark infringement over an alleged breach of the original 1969 contract that assigned merchandising rights to Tolkein’s novels. The Tolkein estate is demanding funds in excess of $80 million, and is asking the court to order WB to cease all allegedly infringing uses of the works and for all such works to be recalled from the market.

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Twinkies Trademark for Sale

Twinkies Trademark for Sale Hostess trademarks for sale! Get your Twinkies trademark right here! Sadly, trademarks are not usually sold by old-timey ballpark vendors, although if someone wants to start that trend, I’m happy to sign the petition. But today’s news that Hostess Brands, Inc. is going out of business means that Hostess’ portfolio of brand names, along with the company’s other assets, is, in fact, on the market. What does it mean to sell a trademark, and how does it work?

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NLRB Ruling on Facebook Firing

NLRB Ruling on Facebook Firing When can an employee be terminated for inappropriate Facebook posts? A recent case involving a wrecked Land Rover and some cheap snacks at a neighboring BMW dealership sheds a bit of light on this issue.

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Color as a Trademark

Color as a Trademark In a few previous blog posts, I’ve discussed the concept of color as a trademark. I looked at why the pink color of Pepto-Bismol was not able to be used as a trademark – because it was determined to be a functional feature of the product (it was in my blog post about the shape of Hershey bars), and, more recently, I looked at a case in which Rawlings was trying to protect the color gold in connection with baseball gloves as a trademark. Rawlings, of course, is famous for their Gold Glove awards. Since this…

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